voestalpine Railway Systems JEZ, S.L.

Global provider of system solutions for railway infrastructures
voestalpine Railway Systems is the world’s leading provider of system solutions for rail infrastructures. It offers specific solutions in logistics and services for rail, turnout, signalling and monitoring systems that are fully integrated for all types of rail traffic. With around 100 years of experience at its facilities in Llodio, this Austrian company seeks to provide the utmost value to its customers, considering this to be the long-standing driving force behind all its activity. Its long trajectory of work continues to contribute to the development of modern, digital railway systems, using advanced signalling and supervision technologies in order to increase capacity and enhance safety while simultaneously reducing costs. The goods manufactured by voestalpine Railway Systems JEZ in Llodio cover everything from high speed rail to trams, subways and freight operations, and can be found on several routes around the world, including Spain’s high speed railway and Mediterranean corridor, Retiro Station in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and the Metro in Paris and Lyon (France).