TECNALIA will be carbon neutral by 2030

TECNALIA launches its huge cybersecurity assessment laboratory, two decades ahead of Europe’s requirements for the electricity sector. 

The research and technological development centre TECNALIA has spent more than 25 years helping companies to reduce their Carbon Footprint. It is now going one step further in this mission by launching its own Decarbonisation Strategy, which will enable it to make its direct activity carbon neutral by 2024, and extend this to its supply chain by 2030. 

In the words of Agustín Sáenz, Head of Markets, Strategy and Technology at TECNALIA, this is “an exercise in co-responsibility and exemplary behaviour by fulfilling the ambition of climate neutrality two decades before the time horizon set by the European Union in 2050”. 

This Decarbonisation Strategy is based on a roadmap that takes the entire decarbonisation process into account, from the automated calculation of emissions through the digitalisation of this process, to the establishment of reduction targets based on science, the improvement of energy efficiency, the intelligent use of resources and the implementation of sustainable energy systems, which involves everything from the company’s processes and facilities to its relationship with its team and suppliers. Thus, it has an Environmental Management System with processes in place to control, prevent and minimise the impact of climate change. 

Furthermore, with a three-fold impact—economic, social and environmental—this roadmap will allow TECNALIA to continue accompanying companies and organisations in their own decarbonisation processes, with proven methodology and innovative technological solutions. 

Thanks to these measures, TECNALIA has reduced scope 1 emissions by 37% since 2019 (European Union reference year for measurements), and its scope 2 emissions have been neutral since January 2022, as all the electricity consumed is of renewable origin.