Mercedes-Benz Vitoria celebrates its 70th anniversary in the midst of the plant’s transformation for the launch of its new electric platform: VAN.EA

The Basque Automotive Manufacture Center (BAM) accelerates its development, with the aim of being operational in the summer of 2025


Vitoria Airport breaks its all-time record for passengers since it opened in 1980.

RPK Group

Practically all automobiles in circulation in the United States and Europe contain parts from the RPK Group, a company based in Álava.


Since 1995, the Michelin plant in Vitoria holds the Guinness World Record for manufacturing the largest wheel in the world.


The highest class vehicle produced in Spain is manufactured by Mercedes-Benz in Alava.

BTI Biotechnology

The Álava-based multinational BTI Biotechnology Institute—led by Dr. Eduardo Anitua, the most important Spanish scientist in the field of dentistry—is the biotechnology company to have had highest scientific production in Spain for the last 8 years.

CIC energiGUNE

Michel Armand, member of the EnergiGune CIC at the Álava Technology Park, is the most important scientist in Spain in the field of energy, and the 7th most important in the world.