In just 10 years, CIC energiGUNE has become one of Europe’s three most important research centres in solid-state batteries.

10 years since its creation, this private non-profit foundation—located at Álava Technology Park—is positioned among the top 3 European research centers in electrochemical and thermal energy storage, and is number 1 for publications on polymer electrolyte batteries. In 2021 alone it produced a total of 113 publications, accumulating over 700 over the length of its career.

The prestigious Stanford University ranking places four researchers from this centre among the most influential in the world in their field, considering its chief scientist Michel Armand as the most important researcher in Spain in the field of energy, and the 7th in the world. Similarly, the 2022 SCImago report—which ranks academic and research-related institutions—placed CIC energiGUNE in a position of outstanding leadership within its fields of specialisation, being the 2nd most important centre on the planet in the field of energy and the 3rd in the field of chemistry.

Throughout its trajectory, CIC EnergiGUNE has participated in 239 R&D projects, more than half of which are European, and has developed over a hundred transfer projects in collaboration with industry.

Among its most recent feats is the 2018 launch of its first spin-off, BCARE, which already holds a prominent position in the supply of products and services in the field of batteries. Also noteworthy is its second spin-off, Basquevolt, for the implementation of a gigafactory of solid-state cells in Euskadi. Furthermore, it has made the strategic decision to promote an area focused on green hydrogen, which will place CIC energiGUNE at the forefront of this technology at all levels.