The new Intermodal Logistics Platform of Vitoria will be the first Spanish logistics terminal connected to the Atlantic Corridor in standard gauge.

Construction has begun on the first phase of the new Vitoria Intermodal Logistics Platform, which will include the expansion and complete remodeling of the current ADIF terminal. This infrastructure will become the first logistics terminal in Spain to be connected in standard gauge to the Atlantic Corridor, which will promote and enhance the processing and exchange of goods with Europe, as it will be able to accommodate any train up to 750 metres long, in standard or conventional gauge.

The budget for this phase amounts to €27.4 million and is included in the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plans shared by other strategic intermodal and logistics terminals located in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

In the second phase, the rail freeway facilities connecting Vitoria and northern France will be built next to the current terminal.

La Plataforma Logística Intermodal de Vitoria se considera uno de los nodos intermodales estratégicos más importantes de la península y del Corredor Atlántico, por su ubicación en la ruta prioritaria transeuropea del transporte de mercancías, su proximidad a centros de producción y distribución, como el Centro Intermodal de Transporte y Logística de Vitoria (CTVi), su conexión con importantes puertos marítimos, Bilbao y Pasaia, y su integración en el eje logístico: Arasur-Jundiz-Aeropuerto de Vitoria.

The Vitoria Intermodal Logistics Platform is considered one of the most important strategic intermodal nodes in the Iberian peninsula and on the Atlantic Corridor, due to its location on the priority trans-European route for freight transport, its proximity to production and distribution centres such as the Intermodal Transport and Logistics Center of Vitoria (CTVi), its connection with important seaports—Bilbao and Pasaia—and its integration into the Arasur-Jundiz-Vitoria Airport logistics axis.